Sunday, April 28, 2013

Tutorial: how to load the 1000 genomes data into Amazon Web Services

 The format of this tutorial is done such that it gives written instructions followed by a picture for that step.

Step 1.
Start by logging into AWS. Once you have done that, you will see this page. Click "EC2" virtual services in the cloud.
Step 2.
Click on "Launch Instance"

Step 3. The next page will say "launch with classic wizard." Just click "Continue."

Step 4. The next page will be titled "Request instances wizard." Just click "community AMIs tab".

Step 5. Next to the Viewing all images drop down field, type in"1000HumanGenomes."

Step 6. Once the AMIs have popped up, click select next to the first one.

Step 7. After that you will be taken to the instance types selection. Click the drop down arrow and select the type of instance you would like to use. I chose "M1 Large."

Step 8. Next you will be prompted to create a password in order to access your AMI. Type your password in the text field shown in the picture.

Step 9. Next you will be prompted with a "Storage device configuration" menu. Just click continue.

Step 10. It will ask you if you want to tag your instance. You can just click continue.

Step 11.

Next you will be prompted to enter your personal key pair. Enter your keypair into the text field marked in the photo.

Step 12.  Next, you will be prompted to enter your security group. Just select the default one.

Step 13. In  Step 13 you will be shown all the specifics you requested in the previous steps. Click Launch if they are all satisfactory.

Step 14. After that, you will be told that your instance is being launched. Click "close."

Step 15. In your instances section, check the Status Checks section. After a while, it should say "checks past."

Step 16.  After that, you are done. If you have a piece of software called Linux bio cloud on a computer with a Ubuntu Linux operating system, you should be able to work with the data!


  1. Thank you for this post, it has been very useful to me.
    A few comments:
    - the 1000Genomes image is not available in all amazon zones. For example I can see it in the North Virginia menu, but not in North Ireland.

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