Thursday, April 4, 2013

Text mining techniques used for hiring process

This tutorial is based on resume sorting and clustering using text mining techniques. The crucial function of every company is hiring new individuals. The pool of resumes a company receives during recruitment are way higher than number of person assigned. Text mining technique is required in order to sort and filter keywords such as Internships, relevant skills, experiences, etc. Based on those keywords, various categories can be defined and resumes can be categorized ultimately leading to selection of better individuals. The video posted below shows different techniques used to filter resumes.

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  1. As a future job seeker, this reality is somewhat daunting. I know of a case where an individual was working temporarily in a position while the hiring process was being conducted. That individual had been selected by administration to fulfill the responsibilities of this position because they had full faith that she could. Well, when she applied for the position and her resume was vetted by HR, she didn't even make it past the first round because her resume didn't contain the correct terms. I can definitely understand that has connectivity increases and the job market thins it's definitely necessary to create a process that hires efficiently, but there's definitely going to be cases where the most qualified person may not be received for an interview due to syntax. It also made me think about ePortfolio's. I know that professions that are design-oriented or have a strong emphasis on creativity tend to have different approaches to resumes so I wonder if there will ever be a mining approach to them.