Thursday, March 28, 2013

Splunk as a Big Data Platform for Developers

Damien Dallimore who is the developer evangelist at Splunk presents this video, and the presentation is about Splunk which is a Big Data platform for developers. In this video, you will see the overview of the Splunk platform, how to use Splunk, Splunk JAVA SDK, the conference integration Splunk extensions, and some other JVM/JAVA related tools.

Splunk is an engine for machine data for aggregating, collecting and correlating. In the same time, Splunk provides visibility, reports and searches across IT systems and infrastructure, and it will not lock you into a fixed schema. You can download Splunk and install it in five minuetes and run on all modern platforms. In addition, Splunk has an open and extensible architecture. It can index any machine data, such as capture events from logs in real time, run scripts to gather system metrics and connect to APIs and databases, listen to syslog, raw TCP/UDP and gather windows events, universally indexes any data format so it doesn’t need adapters, stream in data directly from you application code, and decode binary data and feed in. Splunk can centralize data across the environment, firstly Splunk Universal Forwarder sends data to Splunk Indexer from remote systems, secondly, it uses minimal system resources, easy to install and deploy, finally, it delivers secure, distributed, real-time universal data collection for tens of thousands of endpoints. Splunk scales to TBs/day and thousands of users, automatic loads balancing linearly scales indexing, and distributes search and MapReduce linearly scales search and reporting. Splunk provides strong machine data governance, it provides comprehensive controls for data security, retention and integrity, and singles sign-on integration enables pass-through authentication of user credentials. Splunk is an implementation of the Map Reduce algorithmic approach and it is not Apache Hadoop MapReduce (MR) the product. Splunk is not agnostic of its underlying data source and is optimal for time series based data. Splunk is end-to-end integrated Big Data solution and is fine grained protection of access and data using role based permissions. Splunk is data retention and aging controls, when users use Splunk, they can submit “Map Reduce” jobs without needing to know how to code a job. Splunk has four primary functions, firstly, searching and reporting, secondly, indexing and search services, thirdly, local and distributed management, finally, data collection and forwarding. The developers could use Splunk to accelerate development and testing, to integrate data from Splunk into your existing IT environment for operational visibility, and to build custom solutions to deliver real-time business insights from Big Data. In a conclusion, Spunk is an integrated, enterprise-ready Big Data Platform.


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